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Updated: Oct 9, 2018

A doctor looks out for red flags that alert them to need for urgent action.

Here are 4 simple red flags for someone in academia/science/research that need urgent intervention or else risk becoming disillusioned.

Symptom #1 You were granted an early career award but have been unable to replicate success within 2 years of that award.

What happened is that someone cut you some slack as a early trainee. You think you are “hot” and that you’ve "got it" in a pond. But reality is you don’t and you get eaten in the sea.

Symptom #2 You believe grants operate like a lottery.

If you think this stop immediately because the majority of your time writing grants is being wasted. This idea is a virus and the ultimate copout and it shows you have insufficient insight into the art of pitching.

Symptom #3 You believe that getting a grant is hard

This one catches about everybody.  Luckily this statement is not an absolute truth. It’s only true for those who are not yet skilled in the art of eliciting excitement, intrigue, suspense, and trust in their application.

Symptom #4 You cannot help another person achieve grant funding success

This might seem a bit odd to mention but it's usually a sign you do not understand what makes a compelling grant. You will hit some but miss a lot more that is necessary.

If you are sick of wasting countless hours on failed proposals and want to get back to a state of fulfilment with science, reach out to those skilled in the art of Grantsmanship. Do it now.

Dr Shieak Tzeng, R&D Canvas

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