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Transforming the way we train scientists

Most graduate programmes provide zero training in grant writing, with academics embarking on their careers mostly learning on the job by trial and error. But when it comes to grant writing, learning from mistakes without accurate and specific feedback is a painful process paid in time and missed opportunities.

Exponential Grantsmanship is a professional development program for scientists ready to break with tradition. Built on the relationship between an elite performer and their coach, Exponential Grantsmanship leverages narrative theory, copywriting, and marketing psychology techniques to create arguably the fastest way to grow a scientist's ability to write compelling grants.

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Science tells us that enduring behavior change occurs only when four conditions are met: 1) a person must be committed to change, 2) they must have the appropriate set of developmental experiences and training, as well as the time and space to practice what they’ve learned, 3) they must receive accurate and specific feedback, and 4) they must have time and space to reflect. Prosper achieves these conditions by combining structured micro-learning and live coaching sessions to provide individualized outcomes.

Element 1


Efficient coverage of the Prosper syllabus is achieved using our proprietary micro-learning modules tailored for individual or teams settings. The modules allow ideas to be introduced with minimal time commitment whilst maximizing space for practice, experimentation, and reflection.

Element 2

Mastermind coaching

Weekly group coaching allows participants to receive individualized feedback on what they've learned so that content integrates into real-world circumstances in real-time. Research shows that group coaching is a powerful way to apply reinforcement learning to embed new organizational behaviors. 

Element 3

Real-time 1 on 1's

Some problems are best solved 1:1. Every participant will have access to their personal coach as a member of Prosper. Our coaches are passionate professionals committed to helping people thrive in the face of obstacles and challenges.



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