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If you are playing at the top of your game chances are it's your job to give people clarity, inspiration, and energy.

But who gives you energy? Who helps you find the peace of mind and conviction to know that you're making the right decisions and taking the right actions? 


You do not need to walk the path of leadership, growth, and success alone.

The Mastery Mastermind is an elite coaching group filled with inspired professionals with visionary ideas backed with strategic coaching, road-tested methods, and the resources you need to achieve authentic success.


Experience direct mentorship with physician, innovator, and entrepreneur

Dr Shieak Tzeng in an intimate circle of inspiration and insight you won’t find anywhere else. 

Do any of these sound like you?

You are a high-performer willing to explore new methods to improve your lifestyle and work habits to maximize your success.

If you have a family and want to make sure that your blue print for success does not involve compromising your time and relationship with the most important people in your life.

You want to be rewarded based on your ability to think, solve problems, and inspire others to create positive change in your organization.

You want to optimise your potential and are willing to explore new methods to improve your lifestyle and work habits to maximize your success.

"With the appropriate amount of focus and effort, people can change dramatically over time if they are in the right environment. The Mastery Mastermind is an immersive experience for professionals whose mission in life is to create impact through knowledge transfer, discovery, and innovation.


Over the course of a year, you will become part of a family that will offer you the connections, tools, and mentorship to take your venture, business, or project, to the next level.

The mastermind is the ultimate incubator where you achieve success beyond conventional measures. Yes its about securing the next big deal and growing profit margins by 10x, but its also about trimming down 20% on your to-do-list that bring no value to your work. It's about slowing down to experience freedom in your life so that you can truly speed up.

If you're not content with surviving and ready to thrive, the Mastery Mastermind is the program for you."

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