Dr Shieak Tzeng

Coach, Scientist, Entreprener & Empowerer of People

Shieak is a Taiwanese-New Zealand physician-scientist, technology entrepreneur, and personal transformation coach best known for being the founder of Elucimed, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Wellumio, and Lead Coach at INNER MVP.


Shieak's passion for human capability development grew from his personal experiences grappling with the practical challenges of growing talented people in academia and the health and technology industry working under intense pressures. He often saw people with inspired ideas struggle to create an impact because of a lack of time, energy, clarity, conviction, and courage to follow through with their ideas.


Inspired to raise the standard of leadership, resilience, and performance training in the education and entrepreneurship sector, Shieak founded INNER MVP in 2018 to empower people with STEM backgrounds to fulfil their creative potential. Since then, INNER MVP’s programs and training consultants have empowered over one hundred creative individuals in the Australasian health & wellbeing, science, and technology industries to lift their capacity for leadership, creativity, action, and renewal. 

Scientifically, Shieak has a background in medical engineering and currently holds an appointment as Clinical Associate Professor at Otago University, New Zealand. Shieak completed his post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical School and was a Sir Charles Hercus Fellow with the New Zealand Health Research Council. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in prestigious scientific journals and continues to conduct cutting-edge research within the medical technology industry.

To play with our imagination without getting burnt, is mastery.

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