Dr Shieak Tzeng

Coach, Scientist, Entreprener & Empowerer of People

I am a New Zealand-based leadership development coach, company executive, and former university academic best known for being the Founder of Elucimed, Executive Director of Wellumio, and Principal Partner at INNER MVP. 


My passion for human capability development grew from two decades of experience grappling with the realities of fostering talent in academia and industry. I saw how easy it was for people to ‘fall through the cracks’ even in brilliant organisations because they lacked access to leadership training. In industry we learned to solve this problem with “startup incubation”, providing training and support for company founders. But the idea of incubating academics leading a lab, research centre, or a teaching program is still unheard of.


Inspired to make a difference, I founded INNER MVP in 2017 to provide institutions tasked with growing our next generation of knowledge-workers access to a premium leadership incubator focused on the soft skills and ‘intangibles’ that are key to thriving in today’s world. Academically I have a background in medicine and bioengineering and was formerly an Associate Professor of Medicine at Otago University, New Zealand. This means I know firsthand what it’s like to be an inquiring mind striving to make a difference in a research organisation.

There is such a thing as inspiration but it has find you training.

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