Taking a leap of faith is easy in the company of people who have faith in the leap

Inner MVP works with scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and mavericks on creativity, leadership, culture creation, peak performance, and professional development.

Built on the relationship between an elite performer and their coach, the Life Mastery Mastermind helps people live their calling by learning what truely matters.

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Joining the mastermind group is like walking through the wardrobe into Narnia

Chloe Taylor
University of Western Sydney



The Life Mastery Mastermind is an immersive personal development process designed to help entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and mavericks take their greatest leaps of faith.

Modelled on elite coaching, the Life Mastery Mastermind accelerates your capacity to lead, think, and act across eight dimensions of life—livelihood, relationships, finances, connection with your community, health, and spirituality.


High frequency coaching calls in an inspiring environment with a small group of peers over 12 months.


Rapid feedback as you iterate your plans and strategies.


Focused coaching to craft your vision and develop powerful mindsets and habits.


After we learned of a concept, no word of a lie, a few days later an experience/interaction would happen that allowed me to see the concept in action, followed by a debrief with the team to cement it. It is wild! 

Brionny Hooper



Here are the most common learning outcomes

  • Becoming a leader with a clear sense of purpose 

  • Developing a non-attached mindset that allows you to quickly learn from and bounce back from setbacks

  • Growing a vision while maintaining strong personal habits, health, and happiness

  • Combining a relaxed state of mind with the clarity of vision and execution through powerful habits

  • Building individual happiness, team-cohesion, and maintaining high standards.

  • Learning from other leaders in the group in a fun, nurturing and creative environment.



Shieak is a scientist, technology entrepreneur, and personal development coach whose #1 passion is teaching. 

For two decades he excelled as a medical scientist by teaching his students that the sky is not the limit – their mind is. As the founding Director, he built the University of Otago's Centre for Translational Physiology from single room laboratory into a state-of-the-art medical research facility and program using his skills as a teacher and coach. Shieak has built his technology businesses the same way. As CEO and executive chairman of Elucimed and Wellumio he has transformed fundamental scientific discoveries into high-tech companies by “teaching his students and employees how to think and behave in order to be of service to the world.” 

Through his  Life Mastery Mastermind program Shieak is now able to help scientists, technology innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and creative mavericks all over the globe find purpose, fulfilment, and success in work and in life.


"I was recently promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure at a US medical school, and I am at a career stage where I’m thinking “what comes next?”. The coaching from Shieak really made me think about the impact I want to make with my research program, not just for the next year, but for the next 10 years.  Shieak provided outstanding guidance on how to push my thoughts beyond the limiting convergent mindset, and towards divergent thinking with the big picture in mind.  I was particularly impressed with Shieak’s sharp focus on my specific needs each week - I honestly felt as though I was in “career therapy” where I was able to express my concerns, and Shieak was able to help guide me towards the most appropriate solutions.  The weekly “wins” were always a highlight of each session with Shieak, and something I have now implemented in my weekly lab meetings. I highly recommend this style of coaching for anyone who might be struggling with their own “what comes next?”

Caroline Rickards
University of North Texas Health Science Center

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